JBoss AS – Quick start in 5 minutes

February 22, 2008

JBoss AS is an open-source market-leader Java EE-based application server which enables the development and deploying of enterprise Java applications, Web applications and Portals.

There is exhaustive documentation at JBoss.com (JBoss AS web site and Product Datasheet to start with).

This post instead attempts to generate a five minutes “ready-steady-go” checklist with the basic steps to setup and use JBoss (*) for your development. Hopefully it can save you some time in the initial starting-up process. Good luck.

Install JBoss

  • Download the package from JBoss Download Center and unzip it.
  • Execute $JBOSS$/bin/run.bat

Understanding JBoss Directory Structure

JBoss top-level directory structure

  • bin: scripts
  • client: jars required by clients running outside JBoss
  • server: JBoss Server configuration (see below)
  • lib: JBoss Jar files (Do not place your own libraries in this directory).

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My guide to SCEA

February 1, 2008

SCEA (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect) is the most advanced certification in the Sun J2EE certification stack. It is intended for professionals responsible for designing and architecting J2EE applications.

I achieved the SCEA certification in Aug 2007 after passing the 3 different units: in this post I just want to summarise what SCEA is about and share my experience.

Sun fellas have recently upgraded (after long time) the SCEA certification to Java 5. I haven’t looked into it yet (hence this post is about the old version of SCEA) but I suspect the approach, exam and structure will be very similar.

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