Building XML Web Services with Java: Hands-On

July 29, 2008

Few weeks ago I attended the “Building XML Web Services with Java: Hands-On” training course offered by LearningTree International.


Aside the excellent central location in London and the nice facilities (canteen, coffee corners, Internet access, lab) available to the students I really have to say it is a very good training which I would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to get going with the Web Services and SOA business.

The program of the course covers different aspects related to Web Services with special focus on the standards, protocols and the Java APIs. Read the rest of this entry »


JUnit JNDI DataSource helper package

July 6, 2008

“jrunittesthelper” is a library offered by JavaRanch Codebarn which can be used to simulate a JNDI lookup for database connections. It comes really handy for Junit test cases written to test production code which would typically require a JNDI lookup in order to instantiate the JDBC datasource.

Installation and Configuration

Download the zip file from JavaRanch Codebarn

Include the jrunittesthelper.jar in the classpath (ant or maven) of your test packages

Create a

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