Test Driven Development (TDD) Masterclass – Amsterdam

September 27, 2010

On Sep 15/16/17 I had the great opportunity to attend a Test-Driven Development (TDD) Masterclass together with Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) of Object Mentor.

The event was arranged by Zilverline, a young Amsterdam-based company specialising in Agile consultancy and training. The folks of Zilverline did a great job: training location was superb as they were the facilities and their support though out the event.

I think it hardly gets more interesting that digging into the deep secrets of TDD, especially with one of its greatest preachers. The 3 days were just enough to go through the approach of TDD, when/how to do it, obstacles and enemies during the implementation  and what you really want to achieve.

The audience was pretty advanced, everybody bringing real hands-on experience mostly with TDD or at least with development and testing enterprise software. Great chance to discuss/compare/challenge different ways of working with experienced developers/techies… which is (based on my experience at least) very rare in most trainings.

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