Using ANT tasks

Check out the Maven AntRun Plugin, which provides the ability to run Ant tasks within Maven2. This is very handy because it enables to include ant scripts in the your POM (or in an external buld.xml) and therefore customise “ad-hoc” the lifecycle phases.

In the example below I want to deploy (copy) the generated artifact (war) into my local JBoss instance:

<!-- use ANT task -->









                  <echo>Basedir: ${basedir}</echo>

                  <!-- deploy war to JBoss -->

                  <copy todir="C:/jboss-4.2.0.GA/server/default/deploy">

                     <fileset dir="${basedir}/target">

                        <include name="*.war"></include>











Pay attention on 2 tags:

  • <execution>: define the script itself and can appear multiple times within the <executions> tag.
  • <phase>: specify which phase of the Maven lifecycle will run the script.

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